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  • Chris Smith

    Chris Smith

    Software engineer at Facebook, volunteer math and computer science teacher, author of the CodeWorld platform, amateur ring theorist, and Haskell enthusiast.

  • Juhi Ramzai

    Juhi Ramzai

    Data scientist and ML enthusiast by day| Dreamer, writer, painter by night

  • Sal


    Freelance Writer. Aspiring Historian & Storyteller. Contact: https://heylink.me/sal_ali/

  • Rafał Rybnik

    Rafał Rybnik

    Researcher of online tracking techniques • Top Writer in Privacy • rafalrybnik@yahoo.com

  • Giorgos Myrianthous

    Giorgos Myrianthous

    Machine Learning Engineer | Python Developer

  • Carolina Bento

    Carolina Bento

    In-depth articles about Data Science and Machine Learning | Bookworm | @carolinabento

  • Matt Przybyla

    Matt Przybyla

    Sr. Data Scientist. Top Writer in Technology and Education. Author - Towards Data Science. MS in Data Science - SMU.

  • Ester Hlav

    Ester Hlav

    Machine Learning Software Engineer and Mathematics Graduate | github.com/EsterHlav

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