Scale up your Python skills — learn what, why, and how about decorators

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Thinking literally, a decorator would be someone or something that beautifies or adds some value to an existing object. It can be an interior designer whose job is to make indoor spaces aesthetic or, simply the colored lights, tinsel, baubles etc. that are used to decorate the Christmas Tree.

Python Decorators are not too different !! In the way that …

Python decorators add new functionalities to an existing Python function that modify its behavior, without changing the original function.

Decorators are essentially a function that takes another function as an input. The decorators are called using @ symbol just…

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The *Args and **Kwargs are some of the key Python concepts that once learnt, will make your life easier as you move through your journey from a Beginner to an Intermediate/Advanced Python programmer. This article serves as a tutorial that utilizes code snippets for demonstration.

Simply put, the functionality of *Args and **Kwargs is summarized as —

The *Args and **Kwargs enables a Python programmer to define functions that can accept variable number of arguments.

Fear not !! if you don’t truly understand the relevance of the above statement. …

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An Economist, Statistician, ML Aficionado, Data Scientist, Python Programmer. Specializations : Credit / Fraud Risk, Income and Propensity models.

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